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Thank you for visiting the Office of the Comptroller, Baltimore City. The Comptroller's Office executes the functions mandated by the City Charter and other pertinent legislation. The Comptroller has executive responsibility for the City's independent audit function as well as the departments of Real Estate and Communication Services. Click on any of the links to the left to begin your exploration with an overview of the City Comptroller's office. Or select the items on the menu above to learn more about each function. I urge you to take advantage of this resource to learn all that you can about the functions of the Office of the Comptroller. As you visit this site, please feel free to contact my office with any suggestions or comments that will make your next visit more enjoyable and informative.

Honorable Joan M. Pratt, CPA
Baltimore City Comptroller


Information Updates

ball Comptroller Pratt is working to strengthen safeguards against fraud, waste and abuse in City government. A special telephone number has been designated to receive reports of activities that impair our ability to deliver quaility services to the good citizens of Baltimore.
Click here for more information on accessing the City Fraud Hotline

ball Baltimore City Cell Towers / Antennas (Telecommunications Facilities)
Information on policies and procedures for utilizing City-owned property for placement of telecommunication facilities is avaliable.
Click here for more information on Baltimore City Telecommunication Facilities

Request Forms

The following request forms are available for download and transmission
bullet Speaking Engagement Request
bullet Citation Request

City Comptroller The City Comptroller is responsible for the effective and efficient fiscal management of the City of Baltimore.

Board of EstimatesThe Board of Estimates, composed of the Mayor, City Council President, Comptroller, City Solicitor, and Director of Public Works, formulates and executes the fiscal policy of the City.

Executive Office The Executive Office provides direction and general supervisior to the entire department, coordinates fiscal and personnel functions, and provides support services to the Board of Estimates.

AuditsThe Department of Audits provides review of financial statements and issues reports and recommendations through independent audit consultative servides which help establish improved accountability to the citizens of Baltimore

Real Estate The Department of Real Estate maintains oversight, direction, and support of real estate operations for the City of Baltimore. .

Communications ServicesCommunication Services provides the City's telecommunication systems, and is responsible for collecting, processing and distributing mail for Baltimore City agencies, and quasi-City agencies.

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