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The mission of the Department of Communication Services is to use state of the art communications technology to assist and enable city government to respond to constituents and others by providing efficient government communications technologies and services.

The Department of Commmunication Services is comprised of the Municipal Telephone Exchange (MTE) and the Municipal Post Office (MPO). The Municipal Telephone Exchange is responsible for maintaining the telecommunications system through which voice, data and wireless services are provided for various city agencies. The Municipal Post Office distributes U.S. Postal mail and interdepartmental mail to city agencies. The MPO sorts and meters outgoing mail and pracels for delivery to the U.S. Postal Service.

Theses services add value to the citizens, local government and others who utilize communication services.

Department of Communication Services Bulletins

Bulletin 2013 - 1: Reviewing Muncipal Telephone Bills

Bulletin 2013 - 2: Programming City Email on Mobile Phones

Email Setup Instructions

Iphone | Android

Bulletin 2013 - 3: Reviewing Your Requests To Avoid Unintended Service Disconnection

Bulletin 2013 - 4: Suspension of Telephone Circuits

Bulletin 2013 - 5: Nextel (IDEN) Service Ending

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